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The Private Pilot certificate is where it all begins and your first goal as a pilot! This first step will provide foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training.

As a Private Pilot, you can fly the skies day and night in visual flight conditions. It also allows you to take passengers, such as friends and family, along for a flight. 

Restrictions as a Private Pilot include not being able t to fly for paid compensation or hire, meaning, you cannot make money as a Private Pilot or look for actual flying jobs. 

The Private Pilot License is your foundation course and first step towards an airline pilot career.

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  • Be at least 16 years old to fly solo.

  • Pass the required knowledge test.

  • Obtain at least a third-class medical certificate.

  • Proficient in the English language (read, speak and write).

  • Perform basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

  • Meet the aeronautical experience and knowledge requirements. 

  • Minimum of 40 hours.

  • Be at least 17 years old to receive your private pilot certificate.



          Ground school classes will cover a wide range of topics to prepare students for flight training. This will typically take about

          4 weeks to complete and will be done on your own, online (

          - Weight and Balance

          - Radio Communications

          - Weather

​          - Aerodynamics, power plants, aircraft systems

​          - VFR Navigation

​          - Privileges and Limitations

​          - Preflight Action

​          - FAR/AIM

​          - Aeronautical Decision Making

          Once ground school training is completed, they must pass the FAA written exam to move on to the next step.


          The FAA requires 40 hours of flight training to earn a Private Pilot License. This includes day and night flying, cross-country

          and various flight maneuvers. The flight instructor will train students in all required skills.

​          - Preflight and Post Flight Procedures

​          - Takeoffs, Landings and Go-Arounds

​          - Ground Reference Maneuvers

​          - Maneuvers (Stalls, Steep Turns, Slow Flight)

​          - Emergency Operations

​          - Cross Country

​          - Navigation


          Total Time: 40 hrs​.

          Solo Flight Time: 10 hrs.

          Solo Cross Country Time: 5 hrs.

          Dual Instruction: 20 hrs.

          Night Flying: 3 hrs.

          Cross Country: 3 hrs.

          Instrument Instruction: 3 hrs.

          Cross Country Distance: 1 flight 100mm distance

          Take Offs / Landings (Night): 10 full stops

          60 days prior to flight test: 3 hrs.


          Once the Flight Instructor feels the student is ready, he or she will sign off and arrange their final check-ride with an FAA examiner.


          The check-ride is broken down into two phases- the Theoretical (Oral) and Practical (Flight) Exams.


          During the Oral Exam, the student will be asked various types of questions pertaining to knowledge and theory of the

          Private Pilot Course. This can take up to two hours to complete.


          After the Oral Exam is successfully completed, the student and examiner will parkade in a the Practical Exam, or the flight test.

          The student will then demonstrate their ability to execute successful flight maneuvers in accordance to FAA standards,

          radio communication, air navigation safety and various take offs and landings. 

          Once the flight is successfully completed, the student will receive their Private Pilot Certificate.



  • 17 years and under must have Parent's signature and authorization.

  • Discovery Flight and Block Time include:

    • Cessna 172 Rental Fee

    •  Flight Instructor Fee

    • Landing Fee

  • Block Time purchases are valid for 2 years.

  • Ground Instructor fee will be charged if necessary. Ground School is done online, on the student's time. 

  • Aircraft Rental Requirements:

    • Private Pilot License with at least 80 hours of flight time

    • ​Pilots who have not flown within the last 30 days are required to make a currency flight with Aire Services' pilot prior to renting.

    • Cross country checkout flight is required for XC aircraft rentals.

    • Multi-Engine aircraft will be rented with instructor only.

  • A cancellation fee will be charged if no notification is made before 24 hours of scheduled flight. (Exceptions: weather, maintenance, etc.)


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